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Who Else Wants To Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Tone Up, And Look Better Naked Working Out Only 3 Hours A Week?

Maybe you just gave birth to a son or daughter, or maybe you have been frustrated with being able to get the ball rolling in your weight loss efforts. Or maybe you have just let yourself go and are ready to make serious changes to improve your health. All that really matters is that you are willing to commit to a program. After you’re all in, you have to simply show up and we will take care of the rest. Come to think of it, we even help you show up! By that I mean that we will hold you accountable to your training program. That is what makes us different. 

We Have The Exact Fitness Formula That Is Going To Help You Feel Hot, Energetic, And Feel Flat Out Ecstatic About The Way You Look!


If you are looking to just “stay in shape” our programs are not for you.

I recently had someone seek our services after her daughter crawled onto her lap, poked at her stomach and said “It’s getting bigger!” That was it, she was ready to stop “thinking about it”. She ended up taking advantage of a surge of motivation and made amazing progress! Sometimes we need a wake up call to just get us moving. If you are reading this, I have to assume that you’ve also reached this point…
We want to help you if you have a burning desire for changing your body as well as your lifestyle.

Our Secret Is Metabolic Burst Training combined with simple, thorough, and effective nutritional advice.

The goal of our unique training style is to boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine for up to 36 hours AFTER one workout! Just imagine what happens after 4-5… What’s even better? We will help you where it counts just as much: your nutrition!


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Just check out the results your neighbors have achieved already! (Results may vary for each individual client)

Nayda“I had been out of the gym since I gave birth to my twins in 2009 and feeling generally down about my appearance pre and post twins, I wanted to take my kids to the beach. After Patrick’s constant follow ups without even knowing me I gave in…. l’ve tried to lose the weight alone but I’d give up and to be honest didn’t think they could help me much. I started training March 26 and by June 22nd GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!!! This is the first time in 4 years that I feel confident but the best is the happiness in my kids face when mommy finally went to the beach with them.The trainers at Fuel Rx will not let you give up.They have the ability to drive you to try harder than you thought possible and enjoy every minute of it…. Okay okay almost every minute. If you have the pleasure to be trained by Lenny or Patrick get ready for a love hate relationship. You will enjoy watching the transformation, feel and see success each and every workout. ”


Amanda“I trained with Fuel Rx for 10 months and saw amazing results!
They have helped me lose 50 pounds.
I have tried so many different ways to lose weight and this has been my only successful attempt. I used to rely on coffee for energy. Now I wake up looking forward to my day as soon as my alarm clock goes off! The advice they give is for real people and real lifestyles. If you are hesitant about joining a gym, this is the place for you. They will be kind, patient, and hold you accountable to your workouts and your nutrition.


Kate and Stacy“We love working out with Patrick! Kate:
I have lost over 35 lbs. and plenty of inches(especially around my midsection). I made great progress in the first couple of months, but after I got the stupid nutrition thing down, the pounds started dropping like flies. I am so grateful to have found these amazing people. Stacy: I have tried so many ways to lose that little layer of fat on my lower stomach. It’s finally gone!”

Kate & Stacy

AlexisI am so glad that I found Fuel RX Fitness. The trainers are all dedicated and polite. I will keep this short and sweet; My body has completely changed andI lost that annoying “layer” that I could never get rid of!I actually enjoy the workouts and it feels like I make progress every time I step into the gym. The trainers here really care about you and you will know it from the first day you set foot in Fuel Rx.

Alexis Kim

TeresaAll of the trainers’ motivation has been huge in helping me really get into great shape. Fuel RX Fitness has done an amazing job holding me accountable to my workouts and I’m proud to say i have lost 25lbs.
The weight loss is great, but feeling great is even better!


Tina after“This is the day my life started to transform & there is no turning back as I LOVE the way I feel mentally & physically. Before this day, I was very inconsistent with my workouts, my ‘so called’ eating healthy was wayyyy off, what I thought was healthy was bad for me and I wondered why I was not losing weight. I’ll b turning 40 at the end of this year so I made a promise to myself that I would be healthy when I entered my 40’s. I didn’t want a quick fix as i know (I’ve tried many of them) that it doesn’t work. It really comes down to the basics, consistent exercise & eating healthy. The trainers knew on day one what my problem was, I love to eat the wrong stuff. I have NO regrets,I’ve lost over 17 lbs and started at 32% body fat, now I have 19% body fat. I’m not ‘done’ yet, just starting but my world looks so very different today than it did 7 months ago and I’m very happy I made this choice!”


Britney afterThis is not my first time trying a “bootcamp.” The other one I did which will be nameless here basically amounted to a lot of running and a thousand pushups a session. FuelRX does so much more than this. I am always impressed with the variety and I never get bored.The trainers are kind and REALLY CARE about you and will literally stop at nothing to help you get the results you want!


Destiny afterWow! I can’t believe I’m even saying this but I have lost 50lbs! The first couple of months were hard for me because I just wasn’t sure if I could stick with it. Luckily, I had plenty of reassurances from the trainers and they made the workouts fun. That is what kept me coming back. Before I started, I couldn’t imagine working out in a typical “gym”. After a year of group training, I feel so much more energy every day andI can finally keep up with my six year old son again.


Look at these jeans!I have always struggled with my weight and avoiding those little “extra” foods that really add up. Once I really started to understand how exercise (the right kind) and food affected my hormones and my metabolism, This actually became simple! The trainers at Fuel Rx taught me these things in a non-judgmental way. Thank you Fuel Rx!!


Bob after“I am a 52 year old guy that was getting a pretty big belly, Very thankful I found Fuel Rx…It is awesome to be back in my 32 inch pants!”


We understand how to help you maintain that “first day” motivation. Our training experience takes place in a group environment that provides an abundance of motivation and the awesome thing is, you will still receive high quality one on one attention.
Typical bootcamp classes are fun and can get results, but no where else will you receive one on one attention AND get the added motivation of the group feel like you will at Fuel Rx.

We Are So Confident That You Will

Lose Weight,

Tone up, and Feel Great That We Offer an UNCONDITIONAL