Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

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metabolic burst training will change your life

Welcome to your neighborhood fitness studio.  We have helped plenty of your friends and would love for you to be next.

We know the feeling. You start a new exercise program, get on a brand new “quick solution” diet (more of a planned out starvation), and set your mind to changing your habits once and for all.

The first couple of weeks go by without too many problems. You find that you’re able to make it to the gym on a fairly consistent basis, and your diet is tough, but do-able. This seemingly smooth transition goes on for a couple more weeks and then BAM! You fall right back into your old unhealthy habits that caused your favorite clothes to stop fitting in the first place. This can be one of the most frustrating experiences you can possibly go through. You can go on to blame your schedule, your job, the kids, your husband, your wife, and the list goes on and on.

What matters is that you

1. Realize that you need to make a change

2. Follow through and commit to this change!

Our job at Fuel RX Fitness is to be here for you every step of the way as your trainers, confidants, and motivators! You see your failed attempts in the past probably involved either

- Being lost and confused at a “big box” gym. No one even seems to know your name or care.

- Being bored out of your mind working out with an expensive personal trainer who seems to pay more attention to the clock than he does to you.

- Painstakingly counting calories and points.

The great thing about our programs is that they are catered to your unique fitness ability and goals. No workout will ever be the same and you will always be challenged with new exercises. You get the awesome benefits of working with knowledgeable trainers plus the accountability and motivation of working out with other people who share your goals. Don’t go another day without KNOWING beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are going to lose weight and feel better by doing things the RIGHT way.

We will show you how to

-Lose fat from your stomach

-Drop those unwanted pounds

-Tone your legs and butt

-Fit into your clothes

-Have more energy

-Did we mention feel 10x better?


These workouts are designed to have you leave feeling energized and excited about your next workout so that you keep coming back. You will be a part of a family, not just another member with a keytag number. You can expect to use a variety of equipment, pay less than half the cost of personal training, and have fun.

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"Wow! I can't believe I am even saying this but I have lost 50 lbs. after a year of group training. I feel so much more energy every day and I can finally keep up with my 6 year old son again." - Des



I hate working out! I can literally think of 10 things I would rather do after getting off work. While I hate working out, I want to have a nice flat stomach too... I'm not saying I like working out a



I love the vibe of the group training sessions. They are fun and motivating. I have now lost 35 lbs. and plenty of inches, plus I feel 10 years younger! If you buy into one of Fuel RX's programs and r

Money Back Guarantee

Searching for the best weight loss workout plans? Look no further than Fuel RX where we offer comprehensive weight loss and nutrition management programs and metabolic burst training. Stay away from unreasonable short term solutions that do more harm than good. Our in-house personal trainers design specific weight loss and exercise programs individually for you that cater best to your custom weight loss requirements and help you maintain a healthy and proportionate diet as well as your inner strength and stamina. Contact us now for weight loss weight training that really works!