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Our mission at Fuel Rx is to empower people through fitness to become healthier, develop more confidence, and feel UNSTOPPABLE by motivating, educating, empathizing, smiling, and leading by example. We develop strong relationships and treat our Fuelfam with great care.


Fuel Rx is the top fat loss and overall fitness workout in the valley. Our metabolic burst group training sessions turn your body into a fat burning machine for 36-48 hours AFTER your workout.
But what truly sets us apart is the way we treat our clients... LIKE FAMILY!

What Makes Fuel RX Fitness A Great Place To Workout?


The Fuel fam: You are going to build supportive and positive friendships that will give you plenty of inspiration along the way.


Nutritional Counseling and Recipes: Our simple yet super effective approach to nutrition will help you create new, healthy, and sustainable habits instead of “going on a diet”.

Hi, I'm Patrick Williams, Owner of Fuel Rx Fitness. I just want to tell you that our programs were created specifically to help those that need an extra push and plenty of accountability. Our community is all about teaching you how to positively change your lifestyle by improving your HABITS. We're talking about the way you eat, exercising regularly as your default, and just taking better care of yourself. In just the first few weeks of this program you are guaranteed to lose inches, pounds, and bodyfat. By the way, group training is much more affordable than personal training and you can achieve the same results! At Fuel, it is just $9-11/session!



"allison I LOVE the way I feel mentally & physically after becoming a part of the Fuelfam! I’ve added lean muscle, lost fat, and made so many awesome friends in the process. It’s just impossible to envision doing this stuff all alone. The support is amazing and you feel this right away during your first visit to Fuel."


"lissa I’m definitely willing to work hard once I get to the gym but most of the time I just don’t feel like working out on my own. These workouts are actually FUN and to this day’ I’ve dropped 25 lbs of fat. My bodyfat % has also dropped and my clothes are behaving better than ever! "


"ritaI have now lost over 20 lbs. and my absolute favorite part is that I can finally do a push up! The trainers have been crazy supportive of me and my goals and have really held me accountable to my workouts. I will never go to a “big box” gym again in my life. This is an awesome place!"


"teresa All of the trainers’ motivation has been huge in helping me really get into great shape. Fuel RX Fitness has done an amazing job holding me accountable to my workouts and I’m proud to say i have lost 25lbs. The weight loss is great, but feeling great is even better!"


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Fuel RX Fitness
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